Our Mission is to make it easier to live well and do good.

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deliberateLIFE engages today's globally-conscious citizen in building a better tomorrow. We believe choices matter – so we vet ideas, products and organizations to make it easier for today's busy professionals to live well and do good.








deliberateLIFE is a socially-motivated media and commerce company that is working to make it easier to live well and do good because we believe individual choices matter. Our flagship product, a shoppable lifestyle magazine available on iOS and Android devices, launched in 2013. The magazine is read by people in 52 countries.

We are focused on empowering people to make choices that positively change things. To this end, we provide the globally-conscious consumer vetted information, experiences, and purchasing opportunities that promote a sustainable, mindful and socially-responsible lifestyle.

In 2015 we are launching a new service that will make it even easier to live well and do good.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Be The Change You Want To See In The World

We agree with Gandhi on this one. We seek to do more than simply provide entertainment and information. Along with trying to integrate the recommended behaviors into our own lives  (if we think it's impossible - we won't recommend it!), we donate a percentage of our profits to organizations who are being the change we hope to see in the world.

Supporting Good Businesses

We also believe business has an important part to play in making a better tomorrow – through job creation, innovation, the establishment of environmental standards, and fair wages.  Therefore we are dedicated to highlighting the efforts of companies, entrepreneurs, and artisans who are doing it right. We also showcase the work of non-profits and community organizations who are doing good work so our community can learn more, volunteer, or make a donation.


We promote companies and products that meet some or all of the following criteria: 

  • When applicable, products are made from sustainable, recycled, responsibly harvested or grown materials
  • Products are hand-made from materials directly sourced by the individual, in their most raw form (to avoid the use of slavery in the production supply chain) or the producer has worked to trace the source of the materials used
  • The company seeks to be transparent about their supply chain, business practices, and environmental impact
  • Workers are paid fair wages
  • The product is high quality – meaning it will last longer and create less waste
  • The product is well designed, adding more than functionality to the user's life. We value beauty.


Note: When it comes to tracing the sourcing and supply chain of the goods we highlight  – it's not always possible to know everything. Supply chains are complex.  However, we are dedicated to researching the products and companies we feature, to the best of our ability, and directing you to the most 'deliberate' products we can find.


Being Deliberate, According to Webster's:

de·lib·er·ate  (d-lbr-t) adj.

1. Done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects; intentional: mistook the oversight for a deliberate insult.

2. Arising from or marked by careful consideration: a deliberate decision. Synonym: voluntary.

3. Unhurried in action, movement, or manner, as if trying to avoid error: moved at a deliberate pace.


1. To think carefully and often slowly, as about a choice to be made.

2. To consult with another or others in a process of reaching a decision.


           Made in Oakland with Love

          Made in Oakland with Love


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