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Inspirational Wooden Toys

Bart Munro


 by Bart Munro

I first met the founders of Tegu, Chris & Will Haughey, about 2 years ago on brisk fall evening in upstate New York.  Seated at a hefty oak table near a roaring fire in the lodge’s great room, Will pulled out a box and said “would you like to see our newest product?”.  

What a perfect setting to be introduced to Tegu.  The company’s flagship products are wooden building blocks with embedded rare earth magnets.  Delivered in refreshing color combinations like jungle, mahogany (yes, real mahogany), and pastel tints, Tegu delivers on its vision to build toys which inspire adults and kids alike and last for generations.


Beyond inspiring with beautiful, well-designed and unique products, though, a core part of Tegu’s mission is to provide sustainable work, living wages, and life development for the people of Honduras.  The company’s factory (where all the wooden blocks are made by hand) is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where co-founder Chris Haughey relocated to Honduras with his family to lead the operations.

In addition to its factory, Tegu partners with local schools in Honduras and donates a portion of its revenue to re-forestation of the area.

If you're looking for a safe, durable toy for the little ones in your life, or looking for a great gift for a colleague, these are a great option.  

Tegu’s products can be ordered from Amazon or directly from their website.  Their pocket pouch makes a great gift for business associates, and the 4-packs are perfect stocking stuffers!