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Let's Build a School Together

Fay Johnson


Today we are kicking off our first deliberateLIFE Community Action – an opportunity for us to come together to build a better tomorrow.

The deliberateLIFE Community is made up of people in 52 countries and we're going to come together to support education for others because we believe in moving forward together.  

With the release of our Back-to-School issue, we want to do more than just discuss the importance of education – we want to make a difference. We The Deliberate have teaming up with our friends at Change Heroes  and Free the Children to launching a campaign to build a school – together.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.58.54 PM.png

For every group of 34 participants we can build another school. We're starting with Kenya because our founder first sketched out the idea for deliberateLIFE on a 10-hour bus ride across Kenya. Once we reach our initial goal, we as a community can decide where we want the next school to be built >> Ecuador, Ghana, Haiti, Rural China, Sierra Leone, India or Nicaragua.

Learn more about what's involved and track our collective progress on our campaign page.

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