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Interview: Rachel's Take on Deliberate Living

Annmarie Rodriguez

This past January, deliberateLIFE hired two interns to work on Event Planning and Content Building. We interviewed them both to gain a deeper insight on how they live deliberately. First, meet Rachel Harril, the Events & Marketing Intern. 

deliberateLIFE: Where did you grow up?

Rachel Harril: I grew up in Los Angeles County in a city called Carson.

dL: What interests you about event planning and marketing?

RH: The level of personal interaction, the prep work, the fast-paced environment and getting to see the joy on peoples' faces when they interact with the brand.

dL: What does deliberate living mean to you? 

RHI think it means to recognize that making small daily choices for yourself and/or your community, will have a lasting impact. Whether that’s changing certain eating habits, buying certain products, or refraining from buying products, living deliberately means paying attention to the story that is behind each choice and to your own influence in that story.

dL: What current deliberate choices are you making?

RHI try to be deliberate in my clothing, coffee, food, and waste management. Most of my clothes come from second-hand stores, or from friends or family members. I’ve eased myself off of large-chain coffee companies and worked toward frequenting the smaller local shops. I’m eating healthily (probably the healthiest I’ve ever eaten) – organic fruits and vegetables, more lean meats, and no fast food. And I’m a lot more conscious of what article of waste goes into which bin (compost vs. recycling vs. trash), rather than throwing everything in the trash. 

dL: In what ways are you hoping to improve your deliberate living in the next four months? 

RH: I want to make some smaller goals – buying a reusable lunch box, for example. I want to create consistency in my food consumption, and continue with the healthier lifestyle that I've initiated. On a larger scale, I want to continually grow in living deliberately in my relationships. In the last few months, I've definitely taken some relationships for granted and not kept lines of communication open the way I should have, so I’m working to rectify that. I also want to build a greater sense of community in my time up here in the Bay area.

dL: What are the main obstacles that have kept you from living a deliberate life? & How have you worked to overcome them? 

RHHonestly, my own laziness has been my biggest challenge. It takes a conscious effort to think about each choice you make, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Sometimes I get in a mood or a state of mind where I don’t feel up to the task. My personal solution to this is to take a step back and to re-focus my perspective. I have to re-ask myself, what is the choice you need to make? Why is this important? What is the impact? It’s when I can stop and ponder these questions that I can shift my perspective back to where it needs to be.