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Interview with GoldieBlox Founder

Fay Johnson

When Debbie Sterling was a child, her parents encouraged her to be an actor. Yet, when it came time to apply to college, her high school math teacher suggested Debbie consider engineering. “I thought an engineer was train driver,” she explained, but when she arrived at college she gave Engineering 101 a try. She loved it. Eleven years later, after graduating as one of the few female engineering majors in her class at Stanford, Debbie launched a toy company with the mission to get and keep young girls interested in engineering.

Debbie designed GoldieBlox, a toy/game/book combination that focuses on the character of Goldie, a sprightly, overalls-wearing girl with a tool belt and mismatched socks, who wants to be an engineer. Geared for 5-9-year-olds, the toy teaches spatial recognition skills via the toys and a companion storybook and game board.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Fay Johnson, had a chance to speak with Debbie at her office in Oakland about following her passion, why the world needs more female engineers, and how you can help.