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Grain Grinding: A Healthy Alternative

Bart Munro


Grinding your own grain - simple, healthy, even beautiful.

By Bart Munro

I first encountered the concept of grinding my own grain while visiting my sister (who has 9 kids).  I was amazed -- with all the things happening in her family, how did she have time to grind her own grain?  “It’s easy, we make pancakes, cookies, muffins, bread, and more,” she announces,  “it’s no more effort than grinding your own coffee!”

There’s a lot of buzz around buying whole grain flour, bread, cereals, etc (which are much better than traditional “white” flour products.)  As it turns out though, we’re still missing out on significant nutrition and flavor benefits, unless we actually grind the grain ourselves.

Within 24 hours of grain being milled (broken open and exposed to air), 40% of all micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals are lost. By 72 hours, this is up to 90%.  By grinding your own grain right as you need it, all these nutrients are still intact!


Natural wheat germ oils also don’t preserve well on the store shelf, becoming rancid and bitter tasting.  Grinding your own grain delivers the freshest and best possible taste!

If you need help convincing your spouse, roommate, (or yourself), the LA Times makes a detailed case in  “Flour Power:  The joy of grinding your own”.

There are many types of grain you can try grinding at home:  white wheat, red wheat, spelt, kamut, buckwheat, oats … even rice and lentils.

One of my favorite recipe and how-to sites is Bread Beckers, so you can put your new flours to the test.

And you can find some electric grain grinders with stunning looks.  I LOVE my Komo Magic.

KoMo Magic Mill