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Farm with Tables NY - Blue Hill

Seth Strickland


by  Jessica Wright

The latest and greatest buzz these days in restaurants is the "farm to table" experience where you can feel as if your food was hand-picked moments earlier. For us, it actually was.

Typically, the chef will construct dishes based on whatever food is available in that season locally, as well as garnishes and variations he comes up with himself. When you eat farm to table, you know that the food you're served is as fresh as it comes. 

It wasn't any different on a cloudy day up in Westchester County, New York. We took a day trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. This farm is enchanting, and free range chickens and turkeys roam the fields. As you walk through the greenhouse, a farmer herds sheep behind you. When you work up an appetite, they have a restaurant on site that sources all the ingredients from their fields and pastures.

Photo Oct 07, 12 30 42 AM.jpg

This restaurant includes dishes such as "The Fence", which is a long, elegantly stained beam with the morning's vegetables nailed to it. After this, you can enjoy dishes like one consisting of home-made pesto and greens you cut yourself. 

This interactive dining experience not only allows you to feel good about the food you are consuming, it brings an added, earthy awareness to your everyday food choices. Not only can you know where your food came from, you can walk the fields and scatter the animals. While Blue Hills at Stone Barns is the ultimate farm-to-table, since the tables are on the farm, it's easy to find a good farm-to-table experience nearby.


If there's no restaurant like this near you, why not do it at home? We thought it would be a great way to be deliberate by picking up some fresh, local ingredients, and re-creating a farm to table experience at the house so that we can share it with our friends. Happy farming everyone, whether you go out or stay in.

Big Sur Getaway

Seth Strickland


by Jessica Wright

 In California? Need a weekend getaway? This one is for you.

Big Sur, California. Biking, hiking, and stunning views are just a few of the categories for which this region takes the cake. One of the most  scenic drives on the iconic Highway 1 exists between Carmel and Morro Bay — and better yet, you can stay there. 

Big Sur offers a few great overnight options. If you’re interested in being eco-friendly, take a tent and set up shop in either Andrew Molera State Park or in Big Sur Campground & Cabins

Want to be part of a community that takes luxury camping or “glamping” to another level? Check out the yurts over at the Treebones Resort which are equipped with an outdoor sushi bar and a heated ocean view pool and hot tub.

For those who want to combine luxury, a spa weekend, and five star views, Post Ranch Inn is your spot.

The way you can spend your days in Big Sur are truly endless. The hiking list is lengthy and many offer extraordinary views, including our favorite, the McWay Waterfall Trail. Some of the hikes even offer surprise endings at one of the most iconic hot springs in the region, Sykes Hot Spring. And of course there’s the beach where, if lucky, one may catch a glimpse of a sea otter resting on a bed of kelp or a pod of whales off in the distance. 

Big Sur offers anyone the opportunity to connect with a different community, the community of the great outdoors. 

So this weekend choose to be deliberate in where you go, be inspired, and enjoy the getaway.