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1 Day at a Time

Fay Johnson

As we begin another year, many of us will be setting resolutions. I believe strongly in setting goals, but in addition to the things I hope to accomplish in 2015, I also desire to live each day in a way that builds a better tomorrow for all.

If you haven't thought about what you want to do in 2015, consider filling out this simple one-page prompt from Art Bar Blog. (Free Printable).

Because the choices we make daily have a huge and lasting impact on our lives and the lives of those around us, I believe it's important to think about our daily goals as well.

I love lists and checking boxes, so I decided to create a 'daily card' that I can use as a reminder and monitor of the behaviors I hope to do on a regular basis. It serves as a reminder to be mindful about what I consume (drinking enough water, eating vegetables, limiting my meat consumption), what I choose to purchase (Fair Trade, organic, local), how I care for my well being (exercise, meditation, spiritual care, learning) and how I engage with the world around me (recycling, reading news, connecting with people).

You may have other things that are important for your daily routine – spending time with your children or partner, reading a good book, checking in with elderly loved ones, flossing, etc. Think about the type of days you want to have and you'll be off to building a great year (and good habits).

You can download my version for free here.

Happy New Year!