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To Start A Day

Seth Strickland

By Seth Strickland

Good morning. 

It's lovely to start a day. To start this day. The weariness of the night is gone; the dawn brings a fresh perspective and clarity. Some days. 

Most days, as we all know, start out something like the above idyll, but need a little umph, a little morning chutzpah we call coffee. 

For a smidge over half of Americans, coffee starts our days off right. Whether it's a spouse blindly hitting the grinder at five a.m. or it's you sauntering Saturday-morningly down to your kitchen to crank your lackadaisical   Porlex, the smell of crushed beans and sweet steaming water filtering through them is a true American ceremony. 

Coffee's ubiquity is deceptive. What  coffee are you drinking? Will it be here forever? Kew Gardens's  recent Vimeo release indicates that our world coffee supply lacks genetic diversity. No problem? Think again - this, combined with forces of rising temperatures in Ethiopia (you'll have to see the film to understand the full importance of this country) puts the existence of coffee as we know it in danger.

We don't like scare tactics here at Deliberate Life, but a lack of deliberation could mean that more than half your friends will be inhuman for days, and you'll have to Porlex pepper one of these days. Seriously, though, it's something to consider - coffee is not only essential creative and cultural sap for Americans or Parisians or Turks, it's a global industry which supports thousands of people and their families as this documentary by TwentyTwenty Studios reminds us.

Fair Trade certified coffees and the direct-buy movement in coffee houses (especially, it seems, in third-wave shops) make supporting these sustenance coffee farmers possible, but remember that you, the consumer, have the choice. It's you, pal. Think about this next time you sip a lovely cup of joe. Ask your barista where his house gets the beans. Sustainable living is possible, especially on this daily level, which might seem small until you think about how many people drink coffee and how often.

Live deliberately, even early in the morning.

Image by Becca