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deliberateLIFE engages today's globally-conscious citizen in building a better tomorrow. We believe choices matter – so we vet ideas, products and organizations to make it easier for today's busy professionals to live well and do good.







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To Start A Day

Seth Strickland

By Seth Strickland

Good morning. 

It's lovely to start a day. To start this day. The weariness of the night is gone; the dawn brings a fresh perspective and clarity. Some days. 

Most days, as we all know, start out something like the above idyll, but need a little umph, a little morning chutzpah we call coffee. 

For a smidge over half of Americans, coffee starts our days off right. Whether it's a spouse blindly hitting the grinder at five a.m. or it's you sauntering Saturday-morningly down to your kitchen to crank your lackadaisical   Porlex, the smell of crushed beans and sweet steaming water filtering through them is a true American ceremony. 

Coffee's ubiquity is deceptive. What  coffee are you drinking? Will it be here forever? Kew Gardens's  recent Vimeo release indicates that our world coffee supply lacks genetic diversity. No problem? Think again - this, combined with forces of rising temperatures in Ethiopia (you'll have to see the film to understand the full importance of this country) puts the existence of coffee as we know it in danger.

We don't like scare tactics here at Deliberate Life, but a lack of deliberation could mean that more than half your friends will be inhuman for days, and you'll have to Porlex pepper one of these days. Seriously, though, it's something to consider - coffee is not only essential creative and cultural sap for Americans or Parisians or Turks, it's a global industry which supports thousands of people and their families as this documentary by TwentyTwenty Studios reminds us.

Fair Trade certified coffees and the direct-buy movement in coffee houses (especially, it seems, in third-wave shops) make supporting these sustenance coffee farmers possible, but remember that you, the consumer, have the choice. It's you, pal. Think about this next time you sip a lovely cup of joe. Ask your barista where his house gets the beans. Sustainable living is possible, especially on this daily level, which might seem small until you think about how many people drink coffee and how often.

Live deliberately, even early in the morning.

Image by Becca

Deliberate Choices

Fay Johnson


By Fay Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

deliberateLIFE Magazine explores the areas where individuals are presented choices – from products, to interpersonal relationships, to community engagement and professional responsibilities – and provides information and options to our readers. Researching and vetting both the products and organizations highlighted, we seek to be a trusted source for today's globally conscious citizen.

deliberateLIFE is based on three beliefs:

  1. Individual choices matter – You add them up and they make a difference.
  2. There are people who want to make informed choices which will make a positive (or at least neutral) impact on the world.
  3. There is no central, trusted source to turn to, to help one make these choices.

With these three ideas in mind, I (Fay) set out to create something that would help people around the world live a positive, healthy, 'impactful' life, with more ease. I know people are busy. I also know there are others out there like me, who if addressed by an expert in a particular field who explained why a choice matters and how it helps, would do their best to implement the expert's advice. So I set out to collect the advice that I wished was vetted for me, into one place.

Utilizing my personal background in human rights research, social entrepreneurship and community development – and levering relationships with experts in other fields such as sustainability, design, healthy living, mindful behavior, and ecotourism – we are actively researching and compiling information for a community of socially conscious people.

What are deliberate choices?

When people come across deliberateLIFE magazine they sometimes ask what we mean by 'deliberate'. After all, one can be deliberate about anything – one can even intentionally and deliberately do something to hurt another. But, that's not what it means to us. To capture what we believe matters, we wrote a manifesto. (You can read it here.)

We live integrated lives, and therefore deliberateLIFE magazine covers a range of lifestyle choices. For example, when you go out to dinner, you are presented with options in regards to where to dine. The choice you make can impact you, your community, and the environment. Where the restaurant sources their food, how healthily it is prepared, who they hire, how much they pays their staff, how they handle their waste management, are all part of the ecosystems of your dining experience. If you choose to eat at a restaurant that serves locally grown food, the produce will be more nutritious (positively effecting your healthy – and your medical bill), and it will have a lower carbon footprint, which helps out our planet. A small business that treats it's employees well, creates jobs and generates economic flow-through which builds a stronger local economy. Many implications to the frequently ask question "Where should we go to dinner".

Here is an early concept sketch about how key parts of our lives fit together: 

10 areas connected by dots - to recreate.png

To us, deliberate living is about recognizing the ripple effect that our lives have, and about choosing to make thoughtful choices because of this reality. What we do each day matters. At the core of our work is the certainty that the choices we make matter in our own lives and the lives of many others, most of whom we may never see. We aren’t going to try to convince you to spend all day in a yoga studio, start an organic farm, or quit your job to traverse the globe.

It is our hope to inspire and challenge you with fun, practical ideas about making deliberate choices that positively impact our world. We are learning and growing together and we look forward to the ideas you, our readers, will share with us about the good you’re doing every day, in your own lives.

Photo by Alice Gao Photography, Graphics by Jon Hwong.