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Who Made My Clothes?

Annmarie Rodriguez

By Annmarie Rodriguez | 

Today is Fashion Revolution Day. Celebrated every year on April 24th, Fashion Rev Day marks the anniversary of the disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh two years ago when Raza Plaza building collapsed on top of the factory garment workers inside. 1,133 people were killed and 2,500 injured. 

The building collapsed due to poor working conditions and unstable building infrastructure. The clothing workers were not provided with a safe place to work, which we believe is a basic human right. Compelled to help care for the workers in this industry, Fashion Revolution was created as, "a global coalition of designers, academics, writers, business leaders and parliamentarians calling for systemic reform of the fashion supply chain."  

Many of us are familiar with the term 'sweatshop' or the phrase 'unfair working conditions' from conversations about fashion brands that needs to be more socially responsible. Yet, the reality of this issue doesn't always quite sink in until a tragic event like the Raza Plaza building collapse occurs.

Much of this problem comes from the gap between people who make clothes and those who buy it. It's an issue of disconnect. Similar to Fashion Revolution, deliberateLIFE believes that positive change in the fashion industry must begin with taking the time to know the human faces, hands, and hard labor behind our clothes. That's why this year, deliberateLIFE is joining Fashion Revolution by asking #whomademyclothes?

To raise awareness, Fashion Rev is encouraging people to wear their clothes inside out to spread the word about the importance of knowing who made your clothes. Join the revolution. Flip your shirt or sweater inside out, snap a photo and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hastag #whomademyclothes. Above, two members of the deliberateLIFE team show their support by turning their garments inside out.