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deliberateLIFE engages today's globally-conscious citizen in building a better tomorrow. We believe choices matter – so we vet ideas, products and organizations to make it easier for today's busy professionals to live well and do good.







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The Story Behind The Wheel

Annmarie Rodriguez

deliberateLIFE was founded by Fay Johnson to help people live well and do good. Through our deliberate discourses, digital magazine, and blog content we help people make more environmentally and socially-conscious decisions in their daily lives. We the Deliberate are a community of like-minded people who believe in building a better tomorrow by making intentional choices in our daily lives. 

Whether you are an active part of our deliberateLIFE community or this is your first time to our site, you've seen our logo (imaged on this page). 

The simple and thoughtfully designed wheel symbolizes our desire to create a forward-moving community. The spokes of the wheel are made up of branches and twigs which represent our organic, natural, growing and interconnected community. I asked Fay for the more in-depth story behind the wheel. 

Here's what she said. 

deliberateLIFE: Who designed the logo? 

Fay Johnson: A Portland-based artist named Holly Sharp.   

dL: How did this idea come about?

The logo symbolizes what I hope this community will grow to be - interconnected, organic, and something that creates forward movement.
— Fay Johnson

FJ: Circles have historically represented community, connectivity, and inclusion. They also represent continuity, something that is unbroken. Our mission has always been to create that kind of community around deliberateLIFE. Holly is a talented painter, graphic designer and multimedia artist.  I loved a series of paintings she did called Without the Space Within. Circles have appeared in her work in the form of brush strokes, coffee rings left on tables, and even in a tattoo she designed for herself. (Anyone who is committed enough to tattoo a circular design onto themselves, loves circles as much as I do).

dL: What inspired you about the series of paintings? 

FJ: They're just beautiful. I love the natural tones (which you'll see across our deliberateLIFE branding), complexity and sense of balance.

dL: Why did you decide to design a icon that is separate from the words 'deliberateLIFE'?

FJ: I have always been drawn to companies with iconic logos – We all know what the Apple, Nike and McDonald's icons look like. You can see "the swoosh" anywhere and immediately think "Just Do It". deliberateLIFE has already become much more than a magazine – as we continue to grow, it's my hope that the wheel becomes something that people associate with their own intention to live a more mindful, purposeful and engaged life.


Homeless in the US : The Unaccounted-For

Fay Johnson

by Fay Johnson

The number of homeless people in the United States on any given night is difficult to calculate. Most individuals who find themselves homeless are only temporarily without shelter.  The picture of homelessness most commonly presented in the media and on the street corner is one of extreme poverty, mental illness and substance abuse. Although many individuals who live on the homeless individual looks the same. Despite an overall decrease in homelessness nationally, due to a concerted effort by multiple government agencies and their partners, there has been an increase in the number of families reporting temporary or long-term homelessness. The Cheves  were one of these families.

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