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deliberateLIFE engages today's globally-conscious citizen in building a better tomorrow. We believe choices matter – so we vet ideas, products and organizations to make it easier for today's busy professionals to live well and do good.






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Google Dinner Jan 23rd

Deliberate Discourse @ Google

We look forward to hosting you on January 23rd from 6:30–8pm for a private Deliberate Discourse on the topic of Gender.

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Our discussion-based dinner experience invites attendees to express personal anecdotes and hear the narratives of others. Through practices of reflection, deep listening, and story sharing we open up a space for participants to engage in thoughtful discussion with their colleagues around the impact gender has had on their personal and professional lives. We will culminate our discussion by reflecting on ways to move forward together.

Prior to the event, all attendees will be sent a list of articles and videos to review in preparation.


Deliberate Discourse is a national dinner discussion series that brings people around the table to talk about important social issues. We believe that face-to-face dialog is a simple and powerful way to increase understanding, grow in empathy, and discover new possibilities.