Our Mission is to make it easier to live well and do good.

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deliberateLIFE engages today's globally-conscious citizen in building a better tomorrow. We believe choices matter – so we vet ideas, products and organizations to make it easier for today's busy professionals to live well and do good.






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Fay M. Johnson, Founder & CEO

A humanitarian at heart and entrepreneur by nature, Fay is the new breed of change maker—one who believes we can live well and do good. A child of two realities—born in Apartheid South Africa and raised in Silicon Valley—Fay integrates her commitment for social change with the belief that business can and should lead change.

Previously, Fay served as the Co-Director of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, staffed the Africa & Global Health Subcommittee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and worked as a Humanitarian Policy Advisor at Oxfam America. She has also advised organizations such as IJM, Nuru International, the CA Library System and The Catalogue for Philanthropy in behavioral economics, behavior change, and human centered design.

For too long, social activism has been represented by those who choose to opt-out of the system. Fay brings a fresh perspective that encourages people to opt-in—for good labor practices, environmental stewardship, human rights, and other pressing issues. Fay launched deliberateLIFE in 2012.

Alex Kessinger - CTO

Alex Kessinger, CTO

Jori Hayner - CFO/COO

Jori Hayner, COO

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Sarah Gerber, Creative




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